Month: July 2024

The BCK23 proceedings(JPS Conf. Proc. Vol. 43) is published.

The BCK23 proceedings, which compiles papers accepted after peer review, has been published online as the proceedings of the JPS .

Professor Yuichi Ikeda gave a keynote speech and participated in a panel discussion at the Austrian Blockchain Conference in the first session BLOCKCHAIN AND SOCIETY.

The Austrian Blockchain Conference took place on Tuesday 18 June 2024 at the Conference Centre of the Vienna University of Economics and Business, with around 500 participants. Walter Mösenbacher (Austrian Blockchain Center) moderated the conference, with other keynote speakers including Robert Pasicko (UNDP), Doro Unger-Lee (Algorand Foundation), Anna Graf ( Arvato Systems/Bertelsmann). Prof Yuichi Ikeda…